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Thank you for everything. Our meeting was incredibly helpful.

You’ve been a lifesaver.

Rosie’s mother had been living with her for four years. At the start all was great, it was lovely to be able to help. However, slowly over time it had become harder to manage her care. Juggling her mother's needs with those of her family and everything else she had to do was becoming very difficult. Her mother needed more help than she was able to give and she realised that something had to change.

Rosie didn't know what to do but then came across Grace Consulting. One of Grace's services was for a Care Adviser to come and see them in her home and discuss all the various options that might help their situation. Rosie was finding it difficult to talk things over with her mother, but she also wanted her to be part of any decisions they made, so this seemed ideal.

When she came it was clear that the Adviser, Claire, was very experienced and most diplomatic in understanding Rosie’s mother's needs and then explaining her various options. After discussing all of these, the best one seemed to be for Rosie’s mother to move into a care home. Rosie didn't want her mother to feel she was pushing her into this and it was interesting to see how readily she accepted the possibility from Claire.

Claire promised to send a report with suggested care homes for them to visit before any decisions were made. She asked Rosie’s mother to give her clear instructions about the things that would be important to her. It seemed that the more things she asked for, the easier it was for Grace to identify the best answers.

Rosie and her mother felt so much better for having the chance to talk things over with someone so experienced and understanding. A few days later they received Claire's report, with introductions to four care homes. Over the next week, they visited them all and Rosie’s mother was pleasantly surprised by the places she saw. Rosie knew her mother would have been put off the whole idea if she had seen somewhere unsuitable so she was very pleased she hadn’t tried to select them herself. Having seen the homes, she was much more comfortable with the idea of moving, especially as Claire had suggested spending a week or two in the one she liked the best first before committing to the full move.

Rosie was thrilled with the way Grace Consulting guided them through this difficult decision. Claire was very diplomatic and most professional. Grace helped them all the way through until her mother had safely moved into her preferred home. 
Rosie was left knowing that she had made the right choice, and even better, that it was her mother who was able to make the final decision herself.

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