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Grace provides specialist mystery shopping, fee benchmarking and customer satisfaction research services to care providers across the UK.

We have in-depth knowledge of the care industry, built up over many years as the UK’s founding provider of Independent Care Advice Services. We’re uniquely well-placed to help care providers think like a client and see yourselves through a client’s eyes. We know what attracts a customer to a care provider.

We are experienced in working with providers of all sizes, nationwide, regional and local, and can apply our professional insight to help shape your research and maximise the return on your investment.

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Mystery shopping

Improve customer experience and convert more business.

Grace provides specialist mystery shopping exclusive to the care sector. Our team replicates the customer journey, checking any combination of online and telephone enquiries and personal visits anywhere in the UK.

Why use Grace?

  • Industry specialists

  • Covers care agencies and residential and nursing care homes

  • Template development support

  • Clear reporting

  • Informed anecdotal information

  • Professional, on-time delivery

To receive expert feedback from the UK’s largest private independent researcher of self-funded care.

Fee benchmarking

Compare your home to its local competitors.

Fee benchmarking compares the quality, price and occupation rates of your home to its closest competitors. Individual reports are provided on each home plus a summary report to compare the homes at a glance.

Why use Grace?

  • Fee benchmarking pioneers

  • Care industry specialists

  • Clear insightful reports

  • Great value

‘This work is dynamite!’ – top 10 care home provider

Contact us for a quote to improve your competitive edge

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Customer satisfaction research

Find out what your residents really think and improve your customer-centred care.

Grace’s experienced care advice team will visit your home and spend a day participating in care home life along with the residents and talking to residents in confidence to gain feedback on their experiences within the home. The team’s understanding of care and their empathy with older people ensures insightful and objective feedback. 

Why use Grace?

  • Care industry specialists

  • Empathetic team of experienced Care Advisers

  • Clear and detailed reports

  • Great value

To find out what your residents really think and demonstrate your commitment to customer-centred care, much valued by CQC inspectors, get in touch

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