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Services and pricing

If you’d like an appointment, please get in touch.  We’ll happily help identify the best service for your situation.

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Expert advice services

We offer two unique advice services, with fixed transparent fees, which cover the needs of most of our clients. We advise on all areas of neurodiversity and special needs, for example:

  • Routes to assessment

  • Securing educational provision

  • Strategies and resources 

  • Independent living skills

  • Obtaining additional specific and specialised help

  • Emotional wellbeing

If you are unsure which service you require, or if the below packages don’t work for your situation, please call and we’ll find a solution to fit your requirements.

Empowerment Advice Service

Single issue advice.
Telephone consultation, advice, research and action summary 


Expert advice to help you tackle a single issue of concern. For example, you may require information on the most suitable assessment and diagnostic services, on strategies to support behaviour, on sleep, school guidance or available financial support.

  • Telephone consultation and detailed advice

  • Single issue research and reports as required

  • Information, contacts and strategies

  • Written summary and recommendations

‘I can’t thank you enough. It’s changed my life so much already.’

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Bespoke support services

Telephone consultation, advice, bespoke research, strategies and support

Typical areas of advice

This service is recommended for complex situations, where multi-issue advice is required. All elements of the Empowerment Advice Service are included, along with further communication and bespoke research to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Telephone consultation and detailed advice

  • Multi-issue research and reports as required

  • Information, contacts and strategies

  • Further consultation

  • Further research as required 

  • Written summary and recommendations

‘I am bowled over with the level of support you have provided’.

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‘You really know your stuff and I’m so grateful for your help. I now feel in control and like I know what I need to do. Thank you’.

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