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I want to send a huge thank you for all your help & support, for getting under the skin of our situation, introducing us to a great care agency and finding such an excellent day centre for Mum. Thanks again, we’re so grateful.

At 78 Ray was starting to find it increasingly difficult to care for his wife who suffers from severe arthritis and can't manage without a great deal of help. Social Services had organised a carer, which he had to pay for himself, but she only came a couple of times a week. 

Ray’s son Steve was helping where he could but he felt guilty that he couldn’t help more because of the demands of his job and his own family. He was recommended Grace Consulting by a friend who had been in a similar situation with his parents.

Steve contacted Grace and we quickly understood Ray’s problem and explained their different levels of assistance. Steve booked a consultation with a Grace Care Adviser via Zoom so that he and his father could both participate at the same time. During the consultation, Ray was able to explain how he and his wife felt about things. Their Care Adviser, Anne, explained all the options Ray might consider. Ray was relieved to be talking to someone who really understood his worries and who could give him practical guidance. Meanwhile Steve felt proud that he had found someone who could give such valuable advice.

It quickly became apparent that the best way forward was to find a carer who could come every day, rather than just the two days Social Services had arranged. Ray had always understood that this would be difficult to arrange but Anne said she would be able to find a number of care agencies that he could choose between, all with good, well-qualified and reputable carers. Anne also told Ray about a local day centre that his wife could go to a couple of afternoons a week that Ray felt would be ideal.

A few days later Ray received a bespoke report from Anne, which she copied to Steve. It set out details of the care agencies she suggested, specifically selected for his needs. It also provided contact details for the day centre, advising him that the manager there was looking forward to his call, and details of some short-stay care homes, just in case Ray’s wife ever needed a respite stay.
Armed with the report, Ray and his wife arranged for the Care Managers of each of the agencies to come to visit them and selected the one they preferred.

Steve, Ray, and his wife were all delighted with progress. Ray was now receiving extra help at home and his wife really enjoyed the day centre. Steve was pleased and relieved that he had been able to arrange such great advice for his father.

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