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Business Services
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Business services

Grace Consulting is the UK’s leading provider of care, neurodiversity and special needs advice solutions to the corporate sector.  


We work in close partnership with a wide range of organisations, designing wellbeing services to meet the needs and improve the outcomes of policyholders, members, employees, and clients. 

Wellbeng Solutions
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Wellbeing solutions

Grace creates added-value wellbeing solutions for all types of organisations, products and policies, increasing appeal and improving outcomes.

If you are looking for a quality advice solution involving 

  • Carer Support

  • Eldercare

  • Special Needs

  • Neurodiversity

  • Education 

Insurance companies

Health Insurance

Care, Neurodiversity and Special Needs Advice – tailored benefits for healthcare, PMI and cash plans.

Popular with policyholders.

1 in 5 adults are currently providing care

1 in 7 people are neurodiverse.


Keeps policyholders engaged.

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The authoritative independent consultancy in this field


Scottish Widows

Employee benefits
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Your advice and support has been worth its weight in gold.

Employee benefits

Care, Neurodiversity and Special Needs Advice – supports employee wellbeing and staff retention.

1 in 7 workers have a caring responsibility 

in 7 people are neurodiverse.


Supports Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace:

  • Provides support for working carers

  • Supports neurodiverse employees

  • Provides advice for parents of children with special needs

  • Covers the whole workforce  

  • Helps retain staff and improve performance at work  


Expert, confidential advice and emotional support.



Grace provides expert assistance for solicitors working with vulnerable clients and their families across the UK. 

We provide:

  • Care Advice 

  • Care Assessments

  • Care Monitoring

  • Mental Capacity Assessments and Certification

  • Special Needs Advice

Contact our solicitor advice team direct at: or via our Contact page.

Signing a Contract

Absolutely fantastic – I can’t praise your service highly enough.

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