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Care Accompaniment

Care visit & accompaniment

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Wow! ‘Thanks so much. I couldn’t have done it without your support. We rested easier knowing that you were on our side. She has settled really well and is a much happier person.

Dr McNamara held powers of attorney for finance; property and health & welfare for a distant relative, Miss Trevelyan. He had been helping her with her affairs for several years but they lived a considerable distance apart.

​Suddenly, in her mid-90’s Miss Trevelyan’s health deteriorated and she found herself admitted urgently to a care home. Her condition continued to deteriorate and became greater than the home could handle. She needed to find a more suitable home quickly.

​Dr McNamara was committed to doing his absolute best for Miss Trevelyan but didn’t have sufficient understanding of her care needs nor enough time to dedicate to finding the most suitable home for her. In need of urgent assistance, he contacted Grace and booked a telephone consultation with one of our expert Care Advisers.

​During the initial consultation with his Adviser, Janice, they discussed the situation in detail, with Janice trying to get to the root of why the current home could no longer cater for Miss Trevelyan’s needs. Janice suggested that a Care Visit to Miss Trevelyan and a conversation with the Care Home Manager might be beneficial in helping piece together the big picture before rushing into a potentially unsuitable move. Dr McNamara agreed. Janice also spoke with Miss Trevelyan’s Mental Health Nurse. It became clear that Miss Trevelyan’s care needs had increased significantly.

​Armed with the bigger picture and understanding Miss Trevelyan’s personal preferences, Janice researched, identified and shortlisted the most suitable homes. Dr McNamara then asked Janice to visit the shortlisted homes on his behalf to save time and provide him with independent reassurance.

​Janice’s advice enabled Dr McNamara to select the most suitable new home for Miss Trevelyan, checking fair costs of care and applying for all available funding. What had seemed like an onerous task at the start actually ended with him feeling rather proud and Miss Trevelyan feeling settled, well looked after and most importantly happy.

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