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About us

Finding inspiration in independent care advice for over 30 years

Grace specialises in providing expert independent advice on care, special needs and neurodiversity and has supported many thousands of clients over the years.

Our Care Advisers provide a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand, through often complex and confusing situations, empowering our clients to find the best possible solutions for the challenges they face. Grace was founded by Chris Cain back in 1984 after he tried to find care for his grandmother and was shocked to find that there was no independent support available to help him find appropriate care to suit her needs and her wishes.  From those humble beginnings, Grace grew quickly and, with the help of a team of experienced care advisers, was able to provide help and support across the whole of the UK.

More recently, in response to customer demand, Grace extended its services to include much-needed, pioneering advice on special needs and neurodiversity. These services are provided by a team of skilled advisers who abide by the same Grace ethos of empathy, expertise and empowerment. We are immensely proud of this offering.  Services are available privately and via a range of partnerships with health and life insurers, investment, and employee benefits providers.

Our Care Advisers

We have two distinct teams of advisers, all specialists in their own field, spanning nursing, care home management, social work, occupational therapy and education. All of our advisers are highly trained to provide expert advice in a professional yet empathetic way.

Our advice teams provide advice across the whole of the UK.

Meet The Team

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