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Neuro at work

Neurodiversity at work

‘Your support/help is invaluable, it really does make a world of difference to people like myself, so keep up the great work.’

John, who works in middle management, was struggling at home and at work. He found change difficult and needed to structure and plan his time in advance. Unexpected circumstances caused him to feel stressed and anxious. The situation was aggravated by the need to take time off due to long-Covid.
John believed that he might be autistic but felt unable to share his concerns regarding his symptoms and how they affected his work with his employer as the corporate culture was generally unsympathetic to employee wellbeing.
He was on an NHS waiting list for assessment but had been told this could take years.
The situation had become so bad that he felt that he might need to take early retirement but was very worried about his financial situation.
Grace Consulting was able to help. John’s Special Needs Adviser, Lou, let him explain his story and listened carefully. They discussed his symptoms, his behaviours and his past before exploring assessment options, relevant employment law, strategies for work and reasonable adjustments, plus the benefits that he and his wife could be entitled to and next steps.
Lou carried out bespoke research into John’s situation and following a feedback consultation wrote back to him summarising what they had discussed and the action plan agreed. She checked in with John that all was going well to make sure that he was making good progress.

John was immensely grateful. He was amazed by the support and information provided and the ‘knowledge, expertise and the manner’ in which Lou answered his questions, particularly as up until this point no other professional had offered such help or explanations.

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