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Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management

‘You have been a lifesaver. I really can’t tell you how helpful you have been. It is good to know that I am not on my own again.’ 

Jess was very worried about her son Luke. His behaviour escalated in year 1 but he was not given additional support. Over time, his behaviour became more extreme, and he was closely monitored in years 2 and 3.  Throughout this period his needs were assessed and tests indicated that he may have ADHD. School referred him for an assessment but did not explain to Jess exactly what this was for, leaving her confused.
Jess didn’t know exactly what this would mean, nor what to expect from school. Despite Luke meeting age-related expectations, he struggled to sit still in class and was easily distracted. His behaviours were wide-ranging and included, fidgeting, seeking attention, meltdowns, anxiety, hyperactivity, over-eating, and sleepwalking.
Jess needed help. She contacted Grace Consulting and booked a telephone consultation. She was provided with a dedicated adviser, Ruth.
During her consultation with Ruth, Jess was able to discuss Luke’s behaviours, both at school and at home, and possible causes, including possible ADHD and autism. She and Ruth agreed a plan of action.
With Ruth’s dedicated support, Jess made huge progress. She was advised to contact their GP to rule out any underlying issues and was then guided through every step of the agreed plan.
Jess was helped with the assessment process. She was provided with a personal checklist to maximise success with school support, from arranging a meeting, to what to ask, what to expect and how to progress. She was encouraged to adopt tailored support strategies for Luke to help with emotional self-regulation, anxiety, eating and sleep. Jess was also advised on relaxation strategies for herself.

For the first time, Jess felt that she was not struggling alone. Her adviser had helped and supported her in numerous areas. She now understood how to access support for Luke and felt confident to manage behaviours at home. She was relieved to realise that with right support in place he was much more likely to succeed. She was extremely thankful that she had sought help.

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