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Help with ADHD

I wanted to thank you. With your help, I booked a private ADHD assessment. They diagnosed me with ADHD, and I now have a follow up appointment to discuss treatment options.

It really is such a weight lifted to finally know! Thank you so much for all your help again.

Alice, now 20, was on a long waiting list for an ADHD assessment and was struggling.

When at school, she had been diagnosed with and treated for an eating disorder, anxiety and panic attacks. Her treatment stopped when she turned 18. It had been suggested that she may have dyslexia, but no-one had ever mentioned ADHD back then despite her struggle to focus, which sometimes got her into trouble.

Left waiting for support, her situation was beginning to spiral, and her family feared that her past issues would resurface.
She sought help from Grace Consulting and in her initial telephone consultation was able to download her difficulties to her dedicated adviser, Jess.


Alice was experiencing lack of motivation, she couldn’t focus and felt low. Her restlessness made it difficult to stay in a job for long and her short temper was negatively impacting her relationship with her partner. She felt desperate.

Jess listened and gently discussed her situation to help shape their plan of action. They agreed that Jess would help by providing tailored research for Alice ranging from help for both her and her partner in understanding and dealing with ADHD, to strategies to improve concentration, prioritisation, sleep and wellbeing. Jess also agreed to investigate available support options and to research assessment possibilities via the NHS and the most suitable private providers.

As per their agreement, Jess kept in contact with Alice by telephone and email while they progressed their plan, empowering Alice to get on with her life. She was thrilled. Now that she, her partner and her family understood more about ADHD they were able to embrace her condition, even laughing together sometimes at some of the challenges. Alice selected the most cost-effective private assessment solution which speeded her diagnosis and helped her on her route to treatment.

Alice and her family were delighted with the service. It enabled her to make informed, life changing decisions. They all felt spared from what might have been the alternative outcome.


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From telephone consultations to personal visits, Grace has a service which will be right for you.

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