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Challenging local authority decisions

Grandmother cuddling Grandaughter laughing and smiling

Mrs V lived alone in her privately owned flat where she had lived for many years but more recently with worsening dementia. She had limited means and was dependent on the local authority for the funding of her care at home. However, the support offered by social services had not kept pace with her deteriorating mental health and her consequent need for more frequent care visits of longer duration.

Her son, a busy professional, felt strongly that the local authority had a duty of care to meet his mother's needs in her own home and he was put in contact with Grace Consulting via his solicitor who was assisting him with an appeal.

Grace Consulting provided an immediate care needs assessment which identified his mother's needs, the care she required, areas of unmet need and suggestions of how these could be best met.

Her son was able to use this assessment to demonstrate that his mother's current care arrangements fell short of what she required and to assist him, with the health and social care professionals involved, to make a best interests decision on her behalf and apply for an increase in her care.


Grace provides expert assistance for solicitors working with vulnerable clients and their families across the UK. We provide:

  • Care Advice

  • Care Assessments

  • Care Monitoring

  • Mental Capacity Assessments and Certification

  • Special Needs Advice

Contact our solicitor advice team direct at: or via our Contact page.


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