Mrs Green, 75 years old, is currently in hospital and has been assessed as needing 24 hour care on discharge.

During this hospital admission she has been diagnosed with moderate to severe dementia which is now impacting on her ability and quality of life.

She ordinarily lives alone in her three bedroomed detached house.

She does not have any family nor has she received any formal support at home. She has been supported by a close circle of friends and neighbours.

Mrs Green owns her property and has significant savings in excess of the Local Authority threshold of £23,250.

One of her friends and her solicitor hold a joint Lasting Power of Attorney for both Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare.

Mrs Green has been assessed by the medical staff at the hospital as not having mental capacity to make decisions about her future care arrangements. It is the view of both the medical team and Mrs Green's attorneys that she now requires 24 hour care.


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