There has recently been increasing coverage about the shortage of home care in the UK.

We can confirm that in large parts of the country it is becoming more and more difficult to find a choice of home care agencies who have staff available to accept the different packages of care that we're looking for on behalf of our clients. Unsurprisingly, the most stretched times for agencies are before 9am, when most people wake and might need help getting up, washed and dressed and after 8pm when help is needed to get ready for bed. Options can be even more limited where two carers are required together.

One reason for this is that care agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain carers. Various issues such as pay and time pressures contribute towards potentially excellent candidates looking for jobs in other industries.

A practical solution to help reverse this trend would be for government and the care industry to consider new and innovative ways to help home care agencies make the job more attractive and affordable.

Maybe it's time to create incentives such as tax breaks, loyalty bonuses or possibly key worker housing?

Surely those individuals whose calling it is to care and look after people, of whom there are many, are worthy of a little creative thinking and adequate reward. With an ageing population, and a growing need for care and support, we would all ultimately benefit.


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